Modern arnis single sinawali

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1: Twelve Angles of Attack, with Control, with Follow Through 2: Locking, From Cross Grab: Standing Center Lock, Two Finger Lock, Center Lock 3: Double Sinawali, Solo and with Partner, Redonda 4: Reverse Sinawali 5: Basic Disarms 1 through 6 6: Escape From a Cross Wrist Grab 7: Escape From Parallel Side Wrist Grab 8: Arm Bar to the Ground 9: Windmills 1 and 2 10: Anyo Isa, Stick Form One 11: Three Months Training1: Block, Check, Counter; Twelve Angles of Attack 2: Basic Disarms 7 Through 12 3: Striking Techniques; Banda Y Banda, Up and Down 4: Single Sinawali; With Sticks and Empty Hand 5: Ground Fighting; Step Across Arm Bar (Deltoid Tendon) Arm Bar; Step Backward, Turn to Arm Bar 6: Locking: Two Finger Center Lock, Reverse Two Finger Lock, Come Along 7: Anyo Isa, Empty Hand Form One 8: Escape From Two Hand Choke From Front 9: Escape From Two Hand Choke From Behind 10: Falling: Side Fall, Back Fall 11: Windmills 2 and 3 12: Six Months Training 1: Striking Techniques; Rompida, Figure Eight 2: Counters to Disarms 1 Through 6 3: Single Sinawali Empty Hand Translations: Whole Hand Lock to Standing Center Lock, Thumb Grab to Standing Center Lock, Bait and Trap to Knee Throw 4: Ground Fighting: Spinning Elbow to the Knee, Hammer Lock 5: Palis-Palis, Strikes 1 and 2 with Flow and Poke 6: Trapping Hands, Traditional Style 7: Anyo Dalawa, Stick Form Two 8: Six Count Box Drill 9: Escape From Guillotine Choke 10: Escape From Reverse Guillotine Choke 11: Nine Months Training 1: Striking Techniques, Abanico Corto Double Action 2: Counters to Disarms 7 Through 12 3: Single Sinawali, Empty Hand Applications, Low Grab: Thumb Grab to Standing Center Lock, Thumb Grab to Center Lock 4: Ground Fighting: Palm Press Wrist Lock to the Ground, Lying Arm Bar 5: Locking: Single Lock, Arm Bar, Twin Finger Lock 6: Abecedario (Obstruction Removal): With Sticks, Strikes 1 through 12, Empty Hand, Strikes 1 through 12 7: Knife Drill 5-6-7 8: Knife Disarms From #5, #6 and #7 Pokes 9: Falling; Outer Reap, Front Fall, Clap Drill 10: Anyo Dalawa, Empty Hand Form Two 11: Twelve Months Training 1: Single Sinawali, Two Sticks Against One With Pokes 2: Single Sinawali, Empty Hand Translations, Top Grab; Bait to Side by Side Wrist Trap, Trap to Locked Knee Throw.

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3: Left vs Right Tapi-Tapi: Cross Body Feed to Elbow Strike, Wrist Trap; Direct, Hanging Stick Lock 4: Ground Fighting: Shin Bone Bicep Tendon Crush with Reverse Arm Bar; Squat Bicep Tendon Lock with Neck Stretch Arm Bar 5: Abanico Corto, Strike 1: Cut and Disarm; Cut and Arm Bar; Cut to Tie Wrist Lock. 4: Ground Fighting: Kick Around Arm Bar to Shoulder Lock; Reverse Kick Around With Wrist Lock to Tendon Crush.

The following are minimum requirements for Ranking purposes.

Instructors are free to add additional techniques to suit their individual programs.

7: Sit Down Throw to Ankle Break 8: Walking Throw to Knee Bar 9: Anyo Tatlo, Empty Hand Form Three 10: Eighteen Months Training 1: Single Sinawali, Two Sticks Against One: Right Hand Sweep Stroke to Fore Arm Carry Over; Right Hand Sweep Stroke to Fore Arm Cary Over to Bait and Trap.

2: Trapping Hands, Tapi-Tapi Style Strikes 1 and 2: Gunting to Backfist to Trap; Gunting to Backhand Grab, Bait and Trap.

Modern arnis single sinawali

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