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When the weather is nice the park is full of life, with kids playing around, occasional soccer and Frisbee games, and young couples kissing on the benches.

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A mouthwatering street If you are overnighting it in an apartment, or staying in a hostel where communal kitchens is often available, or you'd like to blend in with the locals and picnic in one of the parks, consider dropping by some of Værnedamsvej many food stores, it used to be known for its many butcheries, but all but one has now closed, and been replaced with a wide array of stores, modestly providing some of the city's best delicacies, on top of the stores listed here there are also a immigrant grocery store selling exotic food and fresh fruits and vegetables, and a store selling fresh fish.

And in the summer you can rent a boat and row around the canals.

Remember to end your visit with lunch or dinner in the wonderful family gardens' on the southern edge of the park.

Frederiksberg might look as a part of Copenhagen to a traveller.

But the municipality of Frederiksberg is actually an island inside the municipality of Copenhagen.

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