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The principality lost its status as an electorate in 1806 with the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and became part of the Confederation of the Rhine later that year. During the War of the Fifth Coalition, Austrian troops occupied Regensburg on 20 April 1809; it was shelled and stormed by French troops three days later.

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Dalberg also retained the Principality of Aschaffenburg along the Main river.

Dalberg received the electoral dignity previously accorded to the Electorate of Mainz; his new principality has thus been known in German as ("Electorate of Regensburg").

) was a principality within the Holy Roman Empire and the Confederation of the Rhine which existed between 18.

Its capital was the city of Regensburg, now in Bavaria, Germany.

The Wittelsbach dynasty which ruled the Duchy of Bavaria was the younger branch of the family which also ruled the Electorate of the Palatinate.

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