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Most modern radio systems and devices use wavelengths which would then have been considered 'ultra-short'.

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The delay between when the long-wave signal was sent from the transmitter (and the coded time was correct), and when the signal is received by the clock (when the coded time is slightly late), depends on the overland distance between the clock and the transmitter and the speed of light through the air, which is also very nearly constant.

Since the time lag is essentially the same, a single constant shift forward from the time coded in the signal can compensate for all long-wave signals received at any one location from the same time signal station.

Broader definitions of longwave may extend below and/or above it.

In the US, the Longwave Club of America is interested in "frequencies below the AM broadcast band", Non-directional beacons transmit continuously for the benefit of radio direction finders in marine and aeronautical navigation.

The military of the United Kingdom, Russian Federation, United States, Germany, and Sweden use frequencies below 50 k Hz to communicate with submerged submarines.

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